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  • The List As Organizing Structure with Serena Simpson

    We will look at examples of works structured around a list of objects, a list of characters, and a list of events as models for how we can structure our own work.

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StoryStudio Chicago

We offer classes for writers to hone their craft, express their creativity, and communicate with confidence.

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StoryStudio is part of this 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit and community of storytellers. We aim to change worlds using the power of story.

Our Community

One of our main goals is building a community where writers and literary folks can come together to learn, share, and grow in the creative arts.

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  • 20 Stories: Ericka Carmona-Vega (#1)

    Ultimately, StoryStudio Chicago’s teachings and empowering methods of inquiry led me to finish my first novel of the Rise series.

  • 20 Stories: Scott Onak (#2)

    No one chooses a project like this — in writing, work, life — knowing exactly what it will demand. And even if we did, for the ones worth doing, we’d do it anyway.

  • Q&A with “Creative Writing Essentials” instructor Aram Mrjoian

    Aram Mrjoian is a writer, editor, critic, and educator. He is teaching an upcoming multi-week class called “Creative Writing Essentials” which starts on October 6. Aram shared some of this thoughts around…