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Upcoming Classes

  • Creating Complex Characters with Anca L. Szilágyi

    Creating Complex Characters with Anca L. Szilágyi

    In this generative fiction workshop, we’ll discuss how to craft memorable, resonant characters. Students will leave class with a range of tools for developing characters that readers will think about long after reading.

  • Creative Writing Essentials II: Workshop with Steve Trumpeter

    Creative Writing Essentials II: Workshop with Steve Trumpeter

    Join us in person! CWE Workshop is designed for intermediate writers or beginning writers who have taken Creative Writing Essentials and would benefit in putting those skills into practice in a workshop-focused class.

  • Deep Revision with Katey Schultz

    Deep Revision with Katey Schultz

    Whether trying to revise a stand-alone chapter or considering the broader arc of your full manuscript, these revision techniques are graspable, effective, and empowering.

  • Writers Festival

    Join us for the 6th Annual StoryStudio Writers Festival! November 4th & 5th, in-person at Center on Halsted.  Curated by Artistic Director Rebecca Makkai, the two day Festival will offer…

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StoryStudio Chicago

We offer classes for writers to hone their craft, express their creativity, and communicate with confidence.

Stories Matter Foundation

StoryStudio is part of this 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit and community of storytellers. We aim to change worlds using the power of story.

Our Community

One of our main goals is building a community where writers and literary folks can come together to learn, share, and grow in the creative arts.

Read a bit from our blog…

  • 20 Stories: (#1) Ericka Carmona-Vega

    Ultimately, StoryStudio Chicago’s teachings and empowering methods of inquiry led me to finish my first novel of the Rise series.

  • 20 Stories: (#10) Rowan Beaird

    The first time I went to StoryStudio was for a write-in. I loved that the space felt like an apartment—the creak of the wood floors, the ambient bubbling of a kettle, deep couches, warm lights. Though it attracts talented, accomplished writers, there’s nothing intimidating about the space, and that sense of warmth and community is…

  • 20 Stories: (#11) Jasmine Sawers

    While writing itself is a deeply solitary endeavor, I came to realize that the support of other writers during the writing process was invaluable and, indeed, exactly what I had been missing since finishing my MFA.