At StoryStudio, we’re here for writers at every step of the journey. Our advanced writing programs are designed especially for experienced writers seeking specialized, long-term support as they work on book-length projects and prepare pieces for publication.

With multiple year-long and monthly programs to choose from, you’ll find the right fit for you and your manuscript.


Becoming an advanced writer takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and our “In A Year” programs are designed to help you cross the finish line… and get published.

Our In-A-Year programs rotate yearly. Check each individual program page for start dates, application windows, and more details.

Novel in a Year: First Draft
Lindsay Hunter (online)
Michael Zapata (in person)
Abby Geni (in person) *OPENS Oct. 17
Sheree L. Greer (online) *OPENS Oct. 17

Novel in a Year: Revise and Launch
Abby Geni *OPENS Oct. 17

Novel in a Year: Young Adult & Middle Grade
James Klise *OPENS Oct. 17

Essay Collection in a Year
Megan Stielstra

Memoir in a Year
Gayle Brandeis

Short Story Collection in a Year
Cyn Vargas *OPENS Oct. 17

Novel in a Year: Speculative Fiction
Juan Martinez *OPENS Oct. 17

Here is a general timeline for these programs, and when to expect the next group to open applications, or start.

Novel in a Year: First Draft with Abby Geni
Novel in a Year: First Draft with Sheree L. Greer
Novel in a Year: Revise and Launch
Novel in a Year: Young Adult & Middle Grade
Short Story Collection in a Year
Novel in a Year: Speculative Fiction

Novel in a Year: First Draft with Mike Zapata (In Person)
Novel in a Year: First Draft with Lindsay Hunter (Online)

Memoir in a Year
Essay Collection in a Year

The In-A-Year program has been running since 2012. Here are some of the folks who showed up to our 10-year reunion in 2022.

[Nadine] and my fellow MIAY classmates held my feet to the fire and helped me shape my memoir into a book that was worthy of publication. I am grateful for the experience and would highly recommend Nadine, and the course at StoryStudio, to anyone interested in writing a memoir.

– Ross Slotten, Plague Years: A Doctor’s Journey Through The AIDS Crisis (2020)

Novel in a Year provided a constructive space to explore my first novel. It felt tailored especially for me: a post-MFA writer with a full-time job in need of a supportive community and structure… By the time we reached the full manuscript review, I’d already discovered the strengths and weaknesses in my work-in-progress.

– Sahar Mustafah, The Beauty of Your Face (2020)

The NIAY classes offered support and encouragement, but beyond that, they gave me ideas and approaches to revision, a clear eyed sense of the difficulty of the endeavor, and excellent feedback. In addition, I met fellow writers who I still know and value to this day.

– Rebecca Keller, You Should Have Known (2023)


Teaching Artists
The instructors for our Advanced Courses are rockstars. They are dedicated members of the literary community who are actively publishing novels, memoirs, and collections.

Though time and space can be in short supply, having a friendly and encouraging cohort will help you meet those word count goals and deadlines. It’s quite a motivator!

Cohort & Community
Who said you have to go it alone? Taking continuous classes with the same cohort of students will give you the chance build strong and lasting bonds, participate in the community, and be listed as a StoryStudio VIP student with “first chance” opportunities for future classes.

Meet Editors and Authors
In addition to your wonderful instructor, visiting authors and editors will come to class, providing invaluable advice and insights.

Manuscript Review
You’ll get clear and professional advice with a manuscript review; an author letter with ideas and suggestions and comments; and a private meeting.


The Six-Month Spark: Plan & Build Your Novel
Before you take the plunge for Novel in a Year, join us for the Six-Month Spark. Students should expect to emerge from class with a deeper understanding of their idea, more pages than they started with, a clearer voice, and the confidence to move forward with their manuscript. No application required.

The Long Haul
This program is invite-only for our In-A-Year graduates. The Long Haul is specifically designed for graduates who are continuing with their works-in-progress. Many books take multiple years to bring to the finish line, and this class will provide structure and strategies to help you stay the course.


Each year we offer between 4 to 6 Book-In-A-Year programs, and rotate our Advanced Workshops. If an application window has closed (or will be opening soon), we encourage you to sign up for our newsletter, as that will be the first place we announce submission guidelines and openings.

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Specific In-A-Year programs can be found above. If the application window is closed, put your name on the waitlist to be notified when it opens back up.

For The Long Haul, In-A-Year graduates will receive an invite from the StoryStudio account when the next session opens for registration.

For the Six-Month Spark, this class is offered twice a year. Check our Class Catalog to see if the class is open for registration.

Advanced Memoir Workshop
A few of our published In-A-Year alumni
Left to right: Sahar Mustafah, Madeline Reynolds, Lauren Emily Whalen, Madeline Murphy Rabb, Anne Laughlin, Blair Hurley, Amelia Brunskill