So you’ve graduated from one of our In a Year classes, and you’re mid-draft. A great place to be! Even if it doesn’t feel like it! You’ve got momentum and you’re jazzed to keep going, or maybe you’re freaking out and stuck and realizing that middles are the hardest part. (How on earth do you build a bridge you’re standing on?) What’s next? Long Haul has you covered.

The Long Haul: Continuing a Book-Length Project is specifically designed for graduates of In a Year who are continuing with their works-in-progress. Many books take multiple years to bring to the finish line, and this class will provide structure and strategies to help you stay the course. Students will join a writing cohort that shares a commitment to the process.


Students will meet monthly for two-hour sessions (note: not three hours, as in other IAY programs) to discuss challenges and breakthroughs, share ideas, and listen to craft lectures from the class leader. In our craft discussions, we will delve deeply into some of the craft issues that only tend to come up mid-draft, the “Wait a second what the hell am I writing?” issues. We’ll talk about restructuring, mid-novel sag, maintaining high stakes, retroactive outlining, the specifics of point of view (point of telling, the ear of the story, glossing, intended audience), endings (oh boy), keeping the faith, framing, the market, architecture, and anything else that comes up as a point of interest or crisis for the group. We will maintain a strong focus on accountability, by setting and reporting on personal writing goals.

Unlike in your previous classes, there is no workshop component. Instead, you’ll receive short published pieces to read in advance of class, usually no more than five pages. (For instance, before discussing point of view, we might look at the way several different authors establish point of view in their early pages.)

Between class sessions, you’ll have plenty of time to write and revise while still staying in touch with other students via StoryStudio’s private online class forum. Vent, fantasize, brainstorm, or just use it to discuss who’s bringing snacks. The forum is also a great place to voluntarily exchange work with each other for feedback.


The optional bonus offering of Long Haul is personalized manuscript consultations: In addition to monthly meetings as a collective, students can opt to meet with the instructor individually on an as-needed basis. Participants will have the opportunity to meet for full or partial manuscript reviews for an additional fee. The consultation will include line edits and a written critique letter. You might choose to meet several times, or just once; you might choose to meet about 20 pages (or no pages at all—sometimes you just need to brainstorm) or the whole novel. We envision this as the “Montessori” manuscript class: the one where you can work at your own pace and get help when you need it.

Interested in The Long Haul, but haven’t taken the prerequisite?

You should check out our In-A-Year programs first. Once you’ve completed a program, you’ll get invited to this bi-yearly program to keep your momentum up.

Novel in a Year: First Draft
Lindsay Hunter (online)
Michael Zapata (in person)
Abby Geni (in person)
Sheree L. Greer (online)

Novel in a Year: Revise and Launch
Abby Geni

Novel in a Year: Young Adult & Middle Grade
James Klise

Essay Collection in a Year
Megan Stielstra

Memoir in a Year
Gayle Brandeis

Short Story Collection in a Year
Cyn Vargas

Novel in a Year: Speculative Fiction
Juan Martinez

All of our In a Year programs offer the unique opportunity to join a writing cohort, study craft, workshop key scenes, measure your progress, meet deadlines, and give and get support for the long slog from plotting to composition and beyond. Writers come to us with and without advanced degrees or a background in creative writing; we welcome writers of all levels to apply.


Teaching Artists
The instructors for our Advanced Courses are rockstars. They are dedicated members of the literary community who are actively publishing novels, memoirs, and collections.

Though time and space can be in short supply, having a friendly and encouraging cohort will help you meet those word count goals and deadlines. It’s quite a motivator!

Cohort & Community
Who said you have to go it alone? Taking continuous classes with the same cohort of students will give you the chance build strong and lasting bonds, participate in the community, and be listed as a StoryStudio VIP student with “first chance” opportunities for future classes.

Meet Editors and Authors
In addition to your wonderful instructor, visiting authors and editors will come to class, providing invaluable advice and insights.

Manuscript Review
You’ll get clear and professional advice with a manuscript review; an author letter with ideas and suggestions and comments; and a private meeting.