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Narrative Perspectives with Jennifer Solheim

$65.00 · May 10

In this class, writers will draw the reader in by considering characters’ bodily experience.

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May 10

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6:30pm – 8:30pm CT




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Often when we talk about narrative perspective, we think about the distance between the text and the reader: are we reading in first, second, or third person? What is the distance in time from story to narrator? How close or distant is the narrator from the scene? These are all questions that can be addressed from the reader’s perspective. But before we can read a text, as writers, we must consider how to represent our characters’ closeness or distance through time and space: a nexus of the physical, temporal, and emotional. Does the story require immediacy, thus little to no retrospection? Or does the story need the perspective of character distance—or even historical distance? Or does the story’s needs land somewhere in between? What we will find is that some of the most compelling fiction results from a consideration of characters’ bodily experience, ultimately to bring the reader as close to the palpable and atmospheric experience of the characters as possible. This is our goal as writers: to draw the reader fully within. Readings will include examples from contemporary writers, and participants can either come ready to draft a new work or with a piece ready to be workshopped.

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About Jennifer Solheim

Jennifer Solheim is a novelist and cultural critic. She is the author of the The Performance of Listening in Postcolonial Francophone Culture (Liverpool University Press, 2018), and her fiction and essays have been published in Bellevue Literary Review, Confrontation, The Los Angeles Review of Books, The Pinch, and Poets & Writers. One of her stories in BLR was performed at their Page to Stage series at the NYU Langone School. She was also bassist, singer, and songwriter in several indie punk bands, including The Smoothies (Southern Records) and Minim (Dyslexic Records). She holds a PhD in French from the University of Michigan and an MFA from the Bennington Writing Seminars. She currently teaches at the University of Illinois—Chicago, where she serves as an Honors College Faculty Fellow. She is also Associate Director of the BookEnds program at Southampton Arts of Stony Brook University, and a Contributing Editor at Fiction Writers Review.