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The Cynical Writer’s Guide To Querying Agents with Naomi Kanakia

$65.00 · August 8

In this class, writers will learn the details of the querying process. Discussion will be held on what agents to reach out to, how many one should query, how long one should wait for agents to respond, and how to properly pitch one’s project.

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August 8

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6:30pm – 8:30pm CT




Zoom (online)




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The basics of querying agents are straightforward, you can find them out in five minutes of googling.

It’s the details that get tricky: which agents should I go to? How many should I query? How long should I wait for responses? And, most importantly, how do I describe my project in a way that sounds enticing to agents?

The thing aspiring writers often fail to understand about agents is they’re not looking for good books or even for publishable books. They’re looking for books that are potential hits: breakout books, which might become bestsellers and attract national attention. This isn’t due to greed or philistinism: it’s because editors are looking for hits too! What agents are most afraid of is trying to pitch a book that sounds like just another book. Your job is to sell yourself to agents, so they can sell you to editors.

Please come to the class with a project in hand that you’re planning on querying. It can be completed or not completed, we just want something we can work with and discuss. Be prepared to pitch your work. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle! Remember, we aren’t critiquing actual books here, we’re just critiquing pitches.

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About Naomi Kanakia

Naomi Kanakia is the author of three YA novels (HarperTeen and Little, Brown), literary short stories (Gulf Coast, American Short Fiction), science fiction stories (Analog, Asimov's, F&SF), poetry (Cherry Tree, Storm Cellar), literary criticism (The Chronicle Review, Los Angeles Review of Books), and a self-published cynical guide to the publishing industry. She lives in SF with her wife and daughter.