Patricia Dunn

Patricia AKA T. M. Dunn is the author of the psychological thriller, HER FATHER’S DAUGHTER (Crooked Lane Books July 18, 2023.) She is also the author of REBELS BY ACCIDENT (Sourcebooks, 2014) and LAST STOP ON THE 6 (Bordighera Press, C.U.N.Y. 2021).  Dunn has served as Senior Director of the Writing Institute at Sarah Lawrence College, where she holds an MFA in creative writing. She coaches aspiring and established writers and teaches creative writing workshops. She is a co-founder of Key to the Castle Workshop,  the co-host of the Westport Library’s podcast, “Go Ahead, Write Something,” and co-chair of programming for Sisters-in-Crime CT.

She lives in Stamford, Connecticut where she is currently working on her next novel, with her rescue puppy Blanqui snuggled at her side.

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