Stories Matter Foundation Statements on Social Justice

Stories Matter Foundation and StoryStudio Chicago believe the Supreme Court’s ruling on Dobbs, overturning 50 years of established law, is an unconscionable attack on freedom, women’s rights, and the bodily autonomy of everyone who can become pregnant. In addition, it will impact women of color, low-income, and underrepresented communities at a staggering rate who do not have access to resources, community support, and advocacy. We wholeheartedly condemn it.

This is a stark reminder that being able to tell your own story is powerful and leads to change.

Through writing workshops and partnerships with organizations in underserved communities, Stories Matter Foundation will continue to provide social-emotional tools and storytelling skills to women and girls from various backgrounds, giving them time and space to share their own stories of health, abortion, and identity.

Join us in also supporting local organizations that provide access to women’s health care and abortion. Here in Chicago, we support the Midwest Access Coalition, Planned Parenthood of Illinois, Chicago Abortion Fund, and the ACLU of Illinois.

Racism and hate have no place in our community. We stand in solidarity with victims of police brutality and systematic racism, especially the Black community.

As writers, we understand the importance of centering the narrative of those who have too often been silenced. We aim to amplify Black voices and organizations, and would direct you to educate, donate, and take action. A great place to start is Black Lives Matter Chicago. They can direct you to additional resources.