StoryStudio Chicago Emerging Writers Award

We’re proud to present the StoryStudio Chicago Emerging Writer Awards. This award recognizes and spotlights talented emerging writers singled out by their graduate programs or by the Luminarts Foundation.

2024 recipients

Zach Sharp (DePaul University)
Sara Verstyne (Northwestern University)
Mitchell Johnson (Northwestern University)
Travis Mandell (University of Illinois Chicago)
Abby Schneider (Columbia College)
Kabel Mishka Ligot (Luminarts Fellow)
Kelly X. Hui (Luminarts Fellow)

Please join us in celebrating these writers at our ceremony on May 8 at 6:30pm at The BookCellar. Attendance is free. Hosted by StoryStudio Core Faculty Member and former Luminarts Fellow Julia Fine.

Being presented with this honor awards recipients the following from StoryStudio Chicago:

Formerly known as Stories Matter Foundation Master Awards

2019 recipients
Jeremiah Barker (Northwestern University)
Christopher Flynn (DePaul University)
Laura Jok (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Juliana Ravelli (Columbia College Chicago)
Jameka Williams (Northwestern University MFA)

2020 recipients
Min Li Chan (Northwestern University)
Caroline Macon Fleischer (DePaul University)
Adam Rensch (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Deima Thompson (Columbia College Chicago)
Katherine Williams (Northwestern University MFA)

2021 recipients
Abby Vakulskas (DePaul)
Elizabeth Radford (Northwestern)
Jax Connelly (Columbia College)
Katrina Washington (UIC)
Matthew Richardson (Northwestern)

2022 recipients
Michelle go-un Lee (Northwestern University)
Avery Ferin (DePaul University)
Angelica Julia Davila (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Carlos Antonio Piñón (Columbia College Chicago)
M.K. Davis (Northwestern University)

2023 recipients
Eliana Herman (DePaul University)
Jay Yencich (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Morgan Eklund (Northwestern University)
Amelia Dellos (Columbia College Chicago)
Chris Lombardo (Northwestern University)

Rebecca Makkai with 2019 Recipients
2020 Recipients
2021 Recipients
Rebecca Makkai with 2022 Recipients
Rebecca Makkai with 2023 Recipients