Join StoryStudio for our periodic write-ins, either virtually or in-person, depending on the session and the season! Whether we’re meeting at the Studio, or over Zoom, we’re ready to host you for a couple of hours and get some words on the page. These are free, and we encourage you to join us as often as you’d like. Just register for the date below.

Happy Writing!


(Virtual on Zoom)

Saturday, September 18 • 10am-11am Central
Hosted By: Jen Coffeen

Saturday, October 16 • 10am-11am Central
Hosted By: Ines Bellina

Saturday, November 20 • 10am-11am Central
Hosted by: Nick Minear
Need a break from school and some time to write? Looking for new ideas or expanding a current story? Join us for some fun brainstorming and writing time, if you’re just starting out or have something in the works.

Saturday, November 20 • 10am-11am Central
Hosted By: Kristin Gourlay

Saturday, December 18 • 10am-11am Central
Hosted By: Melanie Jones
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Special NaNoWriMo write-ins:

Sunday, November 7 • 1:30pm-3:30pm Central (Write-in with mini craft talk)
Hosted By: Jen Coffeen & NaNoWriMo ambassadors
ABCs of Plot: We’ll introduce the five main elements of plot and discuss how to best use them as a roadmap for your story’s structure.

Sunday, November 14 • 1:30pm-3:30pm Central (Write-In with Pep Talk)
Hosted By: Ines Bellina & NaNoWirMo ambassadors
Pep-Talk: Join full-time freelance writer and good-natured crank Ines Bellina for a short pep talk where she will reveal how to push forward with your writing, even as you are in the throes of quiet desperation.