20 Years, Infinite Stories

Welcome to 2023, writers and readers! We’re thrilled to announce that this year, StoryStudio Chicago is celebrating our 20th Anniversary.

Ever since our founder Jill Pollack had the idea to create a writing center in Chicago, we’ve grown, learned, written, and published continuously over the past two decades. All year long, we’ll be looking back at what has gotten us to where we are now, and also looking ahead, to what we want the next 20 years to look like.

Scroll down to learn about our themes for 2023:

  • Owning Our Stories
  • Stories Open Doors
  • Stories Nourish Community
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Each month of 2023, we’ll be featuring one or two members of our community as they share their story. Whether they came from the very first class that Jill started in 2003 when StoryStudio was just a few folding chairs and a dream, or they’re from the most recent cohort of Novel in a Year students, on their way to publishing a book; these members make StoryStudio what it is.

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Supporting working artists has been at the forefront of our mission since the beginning. Over the years, we’ve expanded our scholarship and grant opportunities to provide more access to our classes, programs, and events. In 2023, we’re focusing on funding scholarships for every class, from one-night sessions to our year-long programs.

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The Chicago Stories Project is the community engagement arm of Stories Matter Foundation, parent organization of StoryStudio Chicago. Encompassing our “classes on the road” framework, as well as library partnerships, scholarships, and sponsorships, the Chicago Stories Project works to amplify voices from underserved communities in Chicago and the region.

Our vision is to help others first see value in their stories, then acquire the skills and confidence to document and share them with others. Through a love of writing and storytelling, we also foster respect and appreciation for the lives and experiences of others.

In 2023, our goal is to set up 20 partnerships throughout the city, bringing storytelling and literary community to children, teens, and adults.

Want to partner with us? Email our Director of Signature Programs, Sara Cutaia, to get involved: sara@storystudiochicago.org. The Chicago Stories Project would love to customize a program specific to your organization’s needs.